A Crystal Ball For 2022

2022-06-08T04:57:23-06:00June 8th, 2022|Deal Flow, Deal Flow Articles|

By Matt Castleberry

2021 saw historic acquisitions, IPO’s, mergers, and investments. Many companies saw historic growth. Some investment funds we’ve spoken with experienced average organic growth trends from ~24% to ~90%, whereas other companies grew by acquisition. What are some of […]

Two Sides of The Same Coin: The Commonality Between Great Intellectual Property Attorneys & Capital Investors That Businesses Should Care About

2021-03-31T16:34:51-06:00March 31st, 2021|Deal Flow, Deal Flow Articles|

By Michael Katz & Paxton Lewis

J.D. and M.B.A. degrees represent a shiny bullet point on an intellectual property attorney’s or capital investor’s resume. But it is the capacity for continued curiosity and learning which provides the backbone for either’s success.

For IP […]