Membership Pricing ($25)

  • Individuals will receive a discount to all MWCN events.
  • Membership is on an annual basis, on the anniversary of registration.
  • Non-members will be invited to join MWCN upon registering for an event, such that the cost of registering for the event as a guest will be equal to or greater than the cost of signing up for a membership and registering for the event at the member price.
  • Gain Exposure
  • Build Relationships
  • Maintain Visibility
  • Increase Credibility
  • Give Back to the Business Community
Gain Exposure

to 3000-4000 MWCN event attendees per year. Our events are the most business-growth focused in the state:

  • The Utah 100, recognizing the fastest growing companies in the state.
  • The Deal Flow, recognizing companies growing through private equity investment, merger & acquisition, and going public in IPO.
  • Entrepreneur of the Year, each year recognizing an Utah uber-entrepreneur.
Build Relationships

Business relationships are invaluable, and as a MountainWest Capital Network member you will associate and develop relationships with influential leaders in the business community, top service providers, leaders of growing businesses, and those who mentor growth. Many have faced and solved the same challenges you face. Many will know the people you want to know before you even know you want to know them.

Who is in the MountainWest Capital Network? One of our members said,

“A few months after I joined the Mountain West Capital Network I read an article titled ’100 Must-Know People in Utah Business.’ I marked the list and counted almost 80 that I knew through the MountainWest Capital Network.”

Maintain Visibility

It is not enough to be known, you want to be on people’s minds.

With us you will get repeated exposure to decisions makers with whom you can build relationships of trust that will bear fruit in the form of information, recommendations, connections, or new business which will yield a significant return to you and your company.

“To be effective in business you don’t want people to just be aware of you, you want to be on the top of their mind and on the tip of their tongue.” Kent Thomas, CFO Solutions

Increase Credibility

The relationships you form will help you stand out from the crowd of competition. The business generated through direct connections, recommendations and referrals will be far more productive than sales lunches or advertising. MWCN is a place to tell your story and reach people in a way mere awareness campaigns cannot and to people ad campaigns don’t reach. Kent Bowman, Managing Partner of Tanner LC put it this way:

“I can tell people all day how good I am and that my firm and I do good work, but they discount it as biased. When someone they know and trust endorses our work they believe them. I’m much better off being referred in to a prospect than being in front of them without that referral and the recommendations from my colleagues in the MountainWest Capital Network are trusted and respected”

Give Back

Your financial contribution helps fund an important organization in the Utah business ecosystem. Your participation contributes to the collective intellectual and entrepreneurial capital.

The MountainWest Capital Network has been contributing to the business ecosystem of Utah since 1983 through mentoring, educating, recognizing, promoting and connecting entrepreneurs. Each year over 90% of the deals reported in the Deal Flow Book involved assistance from an MWCN member. MWCN members lead and advise many of the most vibrant companies in the state. Devoting your financial, relationship, intellectual, entrepreneurial and mentor capital to MWCN will make a difference.

Contributions and gifts, including membership dues and sponsorships, are not deductible as charitable contributions but may be deductible as a business expense. Please consult your tax advisor.

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