By Sky Mundell

David S. Layton credits a company culture of looking out for employees’ growth for Layton Construction’s successes.

“We have been the No. 1 growth company in the MountainWest Capital Network for four straight years,” said Layton, president and CEO of the Utah-based builder, which has seen an explosive surge in national outreach and revenue since Layton accepted leadership over his family’s company. “We have been very open about our culture of growth, and it’s not because we’re trying to be something externally. We’re trying to deliver a career opportunity for our employees internally.”

Gov. Spencer Cox spoke warmly about his friend and colleague as Layton was honored Wednesday as MountainWest Capital Network’s 2024 Utah Entrepreneur of the Year at a luncheon held at the Little America hotel in Salt Lake City.

Layton thanked his executives and his employees, giving them the credit for what Layton Construction has been able to accomplish in years past.

“Mother Nature teaches us that growth is beneficial; it’s healthy and positive, but when you take in top talent and take care of that talent, they have to be able to progress their career. And if you don’t grow your business, top talent can’t stay with you — they will find other opportunities,” said Layton, emphasizing how important it is to him that Layton Construction’s employees are taken care of and well-rewarded for their work. “We have to grow because of opportunity for you all. That’s how you can come and stay and be with us for decades, you can have ownership, and you can build wealth.”

Colleagues, family friends and Cox spoke about how Layton is driven, family- and community-oriented and an example of why Utah is one of the most successful producers of entrepreneurs in the United States…

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