Welcome to the Winners’ Circle!

The MountainWest Capital Network Podcast “Welcome to the Winners’ Circle” is more than just a podcast—it’s an extension of the esteemed tradition established by MountainWest Capital Network through our signature event, the Utah One Hundred. For three decades, this event has stood as a testament to the exceptional growth of Utah’s fastest-growing companies.

At the heart of the Utah One Hundred lies the exclusive VIP experience known as the Winners’ Circle. This gathering of esteemed CEOs and founders serves as a prelude to the main awards ceremony, offering a unique opportunity to celebrate success and connect with visionary leaders. It’s a moment to share insights, forge meaningful connections, and inspire one another to reach greater heights.

For the first time ever, we’re bringing the essence of the Winners’ Circle to a global audience through our podcast. By expanding this exceptional experience beyond the confines of our event, we’re enabling entrepreneurs worldwide to benefit from enriching dialogues and stories of lessons learned and overall success.

Who Should Listen?

The MountainWest Capital Network Podcast “Welcome to the Winners’ Circle” is for founders, entrepreneurs, investors, and business professionals seeking actionable insights and inspiration to drive their ventures forward. Whether you’re a founder scaling your startup, an investor scouting for opportunities, or a service provider supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem, this podcast offers valuable perspectives to elevate your journey.

Meet Your Hosts

Cheri and Jason, the dynamic duo behind the “MWCN Podcast: Welcome to the Winners’ Circle,” bring a wealth of entrepreneurial experience and a passion for empowering others. Get ready for engaging conversations and valuable insights that will inspire and uplift entrepreneurs worldwide.

Cheri Waldron, MWCN Executive Director

For over 2 decades, Cheri Waldron has planned and executed all MWCN events and meetings.  She feels lucky to have discovered the best role and purpose of her personal and professional life is connecting leaders, facilitating relationships, celebrating growing companies and serving the greatest founders, teams and companies of today and tomorrow.  

Cheri is a dedicated University of Utah Alumni and has been married to her husband, Cy for 10 years.  Together they enjoy spending time with their 6 grown kids, traveling near and far, and experiencing outdoor adventures of all sorts with their 2 black labs, Mookie and Obi. 

Jason Roberts, MWCN Executive Committee, Podcast Chair and Protiviti Market Leader 

Jason has over 27 years of experience and is the market leader of the Protiviti Salt Lake City office.  He directs a team of over 70 full-time consultants and supports a number of local and national clients, performing risk-based internal audit, enterprise risk management, business process outsourcing, business consulting, SOX compliance services, and best practice analyses.  

He and his wife, Emily will celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary in June 2024 and have 5 children, including two married, with 1 grandson.   Jason enjoys spending time with family, running, wake surfing and the beach. 

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Guest List

– Colton Pond, CMO

– Trevor Farnes, CEO & Co-Founder

– Ryan Johnson, Founder & CEO

– Jim Suva & Miranda Oliver; SVP, DoP

Baltic Born
– Allison & Angela, Co-Founders

Gabb Wireless
– Nate Randle, Greg Cole; CEO, CFO


“MWCN has demonstrated really first-class networking events, also highlighting and recognizing the number of transactions and other activities that are happening in the local market.  It adds to the strength of our market, an opportunity to rub shoulders with great business leaders, and to generate leads and new opportunities to fuel our growth.  The work we do with MWCN is so collaborative.” MWCN Member

“MWCN is a not-for-profit organization that is focused on highlighting the growth, the economic development, the incredible companies, and the capital that we see moving in our state. And through them, we stay close to it, we get visibility, and we get an opportunity to be front and center as a part of that story.” MWCN Member

Podcast Committee

Meet the dedicated members of our podcast committee who curate content, organize interviews, and ensure the success of The MountainWest Capital Network Podcast “Welcome to the Winners’ Circle”.

  • Garit Lawson, Podcast Vice Chair
  • Zachary Reed, Podcast Producer
  • Kevin Jessop, MWCN President
  • Franci Eisenberg, Podcast Public Relations
  • Kristen Henderson, Podcast Strategic Growth 
  • Peter Stevenson, Podcast Marketing
  • Matt Castleberry
  • Riley Cutler
  • Michael Sayre

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