About | Mountain West Capital Network

The MountainWest Capital Network (formerly the MountainWest Venture Group) is Utah’s first and largest business networking organization devoted to supporting entrepreneurial success by:

  • fostering the dynamic flow of information about capital formation and distribution
  • educating and mentoring excellence
  • recognizing and rewarding performance
  • hosting networking activities which promote synergistic relationships

We accomplish this through signature activities and events, such as the Utah 100, real-time Deal Flow reporting and recognition, the MWCN Entrepreneur of the Year event, and various presentations by industry experts.

A Utah Business Network Pioneer

The MountainWest Capital Network enjoys a unique position as the original, independent business networking group in Utah. For nearly three decades, we have supported entrepreneurs, investors, and allied professional services firms with real-time information about capital creation and distribution through sponsored events that inspire, stimulate, and reward successful business performance.

The Deal

Capital flow is our mission. Rewarding business performance is our passion. Through our core events, MWCN members share their knowledge and donate their talents to serve the economic interests of fellow members. These events require an enormous amount of energy, time, skill, and teamwork from our members who donate their time to organize and run them.

Our Focus for the Future

Today’s environment for business growth has changed radically since the MountainWest Capital Network (originally the MountainWest Venture Group) was founded in 1983. We continue to offer unprecedented opportunity and promote a unique synergy of intellectual, financial and entrepreneurial capital. We help our members meet and master business challenges through relevant events, education and networking.

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